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Drug Possession Is Not A Minor Charge

Some people mistakenly believe that drug possession is a minor charge. If you have been arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs, you may already know that is not the case. Even a first offense marijuana possession conviction can result in up to six months behind bars and a fine of up to $1,000. Conviction for possession of a drug like heroin could result in felony charges, years behind bars and monumental fines. There is no question; if you have been accused of drug possession, you need to fight these charges immediately and aggressively.

You can find an attorney and advocate at the Law Offices of Christy M. Hall, LLC, in Racine. Christy M. Hall has been providing criminal defense throughout southeastern Wisconsin since 1998. She is well-known as a leader in the practice of law and understands how to navigate the criminal justice system to protect your rights and your future.

Drug-Related Traffic Stops And Beyond

Many drug charges are the result of traffic stops. Every stop needs to be examined carefully because there are many factors that could make a dramatic difference in the outcome of a case. For example, there may be issues of illegal search and seizure. Did the police violate anyone’s rights during the traffic stop? Were any mistakes made?

There may also be issues of constructive possession versus actual possession. This has to do with where the drugs were found during the traffic stop. Were they found in a pocket of the driver or a passenger or were they found tucked into a seat or on the floor of the vehicle? This may seem minor, but it can lead to questions about who the drugs belonged to.

Even outside of traffic stop scenarios, many issues may need to be investigated. Christy M. Hall is dedicated to sifting through all aspects of the case to bring every fact to light and build a strong criminal defense strategy.

She defends against charges of:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Heroin possession
  • Methamphetamine possession
  • Cocaine possession

She also handles cases involving possession of prescription drugs without a prescription, as well as charges related to medical marijuana and cannabidiol.

The Fight Against Drug Charges Begins With A Free Consultation

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