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Assault And Battery Charges Can Be Fought

A conviction for a violent crime like assault or battery does not look good on your record. Putting aside the possibility of incarceration and fines, it is important to keep in mind that the conviction will be visible to potential employers. Not surprisingly, people convicted of these crimes often have a hard time finding work. Thankfully, these charges can be fought with the help of an experienced lawyer who is well-versed in effective criminal defense strategies.

When you choose the Law Offices of Christy M. Hall, LLC, in Racine, you will receive aggressive representation from an attorney who has spent more than 24 years standing up for the rights of people accused of crimes throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Assault Vs. Battery

Assault and battery are often discussed as if they were a single charge. In reality, there is no charge called “assault” in the Wisconsin statutes. In other states, assault refers to threatening acts. In Wisconsin, such acts may result in charges of disorderly conduct. However, any act that causes bodily harm to another person may be charged as battery.

To make matters more complicated, battery comes in three varieties: battery, substantial battery and aggravated battery. These three varieties of battery are distinguished by several factors, including the degree of bodily harm inflicted and intent. This is important, as the ability to show that there was no intent or to prove that bodily harm was not substantial can make the difference between felony level battery and lower-level misdemeanor battery.

In addition to these basic levels of battery, there are many other separate battery and battery-related charges, including domestic violence charges.

Christy M. Hall understands the nuances of battery charges. At the beginning of your case, she will take the time to learn about the situation. Was it a bar fight? Was it mutual combat? Were you simply defending yourself against a threat or perceived threat? From self-defense and beyond, she is skilled at creating strategies to fight domestic violence charges.

The Fight Against Battery Charges Begins With A Free Consultation

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