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What approach should you take for your DUI defense?

Wisconsin laws regarding drunk driving are strict, and a conviction can lead to serious penalties. This may be true for you even if it is your first DUI or OWI offense. You likely understand the importance of seeking qualified guidance regarding your defense options, starting as soon as possible after an arrest.

You can approach your DUI or OWI defense in various ways. The one most appropriate for your individual situation will depend on the details of your individual case. No matter your criminal history or the nature of the charges against you, you would be wise to waste no time in learning more about your defense options and developing the right strategy for how you will protect your interests.

Potential defense plans

You may think there is no point in challenging a DUI or OWI charge, but your future and personal freedoms are worth fighting to protect. Instead of assuming that you should just plead guilty or accept the inevitability of a conviction, it may help to consider the following potential defense approaches: 

  • If you drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol because of duress, such as trying to avoid injury, it could be a potential defense strategy.
  • If your intoxication was the result of someone serving you alcohol or drugs without your knowledge, it could be a valid defense.
  • As part of your defense plan, you may be able to challenge the validity of the original traffic stop.
  • If there were problems with the Breathalyzer test or the administration of sobriety tests, you can use that to challenge the case against you.
  • If you experienced a violation of your constitutional rights, you may include that in your fight against the prosecution’s case.

Planning the right defense strategy is a time-sensitive process, and you may find it beneficial to take the first steps as soon as possible after an arrest.

You do not have to fight alone

You may not be entirely sure where to start with your defense plan, but you do not have to undertake this process alone. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand what options are available to you, and an experienced drunk driving defense attorney can help you see which is the right approach for your unique case.

Drunk driving can lead to penalties that may include fines, loss of driving privileges and even time behind bars. It is prudent to take these charges seriously and work diligently for an optimal outcome.