Wisconsin Is Tough On Drunk Drivers

Wisconsin law is tough on people accused of drunk driving. If you are convicted, you could spend time behind bars, have to pay fines, lose your driver's license and more. To avoid these penalties, it is important to quickly enlist an experienced lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Christy M. Hall in Racine, you will receive aggressive representation from one of the region's most trusted criminal defense attorneys. Christy M. Hall has spent more than 19 years defending people throughout southeastern Wisconsin against charges of operating while intoxicated (OWI), also referred to as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). In addition, she defends against other alcohol-related criminal charges such as driving while license suspended, vehicular assault and vehicular homicide.

Act Quickly To Preserve Driving Privileges

In Wisconsin, anyone accused of OWI has a 10-day window before the state Department of Motor Vehicles will take action to suspend his or her driving privileges if a breath or blood sample was not provided or if that sample was .08 or higher. Do not wait until this deadline has passed before contacting a lawyer. Christy M. Hall can help you take steps to protect your driving privileges and stay on the road.

For commercial truck drivers or anyone who needs to drive to make a living, a loss of driving privileges could mean loss of a job, which is why it is important to work with a lawyer like Christy M. Hall, who has deep knowledge of Wisconsin drunk driving laws and knows how to forcefully advocate for her clients.

Pleading Guilty Should Be The Last Resort

Many people plead guilty right away after being arrested for OWI. They think that because they blew .08 or higher, there is no way to fight the charges. However, pleading guilty should be the last resort. You may be surprised at the options available to you for either minimizing the charges or penalties or fighting the charges altogether.

Harsh Penalties For An OWI Conviction

Potential penalties for an OWI conviction in Wisconsin include:

  • Jail time for second offenses and beyond, or even for a first offense if a minor child was in the car
  • Fines, ranging from $800 for a first offense all the way up to $10,000 for a fifth offense
  • Driver's license suspension/revocation ranging from six months for a first offense to up to three years for a fifth offense
  • Mandatory ignition interlock use for second offenses and above, and even on the first offense if the driver's blood/breath alcohol content was .15 or greater, at a cost of more than $1,000
  • Skyrocketing car insurance rates
  • A felony conviction for a fourth conviction if it occurs within five years of a previous offense, which means a prison sentence of longer than a year

All possible defenses will be explored. Christy M. Hall will thoroughly investigate the original police stop and determine if officers followed the law. If she finds anything suspicious, such as the Breathalyzer machine not being correctly calibrated, she can use that evidence to attempt to reduce or dismiss the charges.

The Fight Against OWI Charges Begins With A Free Consultation

Contact the Law Offices of Christy M. Hall at 262-822-3187 or by email today for a free consultation about fighting drunk driving charges. All major credit cards are accepted, and weekend and evening appointments are available.